Drywall Partitioning

JUMBO Drywall Partitioning:

Drywall Partitioning is an effective method to divide open areas into smaller rooms by the use of a track and stud system.

JUMBO Drywall Partitioning is quick to install and traditionally used in Office, Industrial and Commercial applications.Sturdy and cost-effective, Partitioning is a great way to create office partitions without the mess and fuss of renovating. This can be done within the work place whether it be in the industrial or commercial sector.

Drywall is however becoming increasingly popular in residential applications especially when used in combination with a Lightweight Steel Frame building construction method.

The lightweight construction, speed of erection, low cost, fire resistance and sound ratings have won our JUMBO drywall systems wide acceptance throughout the building industry.

We have a range of options including 76mm, 89mm and 127mm depending on the application and requirements for the system.


  • Fire Solutions
  • Acoustic Solutions
  • Moisture Solutions
  • Impact Solutions

Habito Partitioning:

Drywall with the strength of Brick and the benifits of Drywall. It is strong enough to handle 15kg per screw and 5 x more core strength than standard plasterboard

Habito Drywall creates a buffer against excessive noise. This means that noise transmission between rooms is minimised and the living environment is more peaceful and comfortable.

Insulate against temperature fluctuations: Use Habito drywall together with insulation and regulate the temperature of the interior

Flexible Installation Options With Adddded Benefits:

Simple score & snap method for attachments. No specialist tools needed for fixing anything to Habvito Drywall; No battens, No noggins, No broken walls

The Strength Of Brick With The Benefits Of Drywall:

  • Tougher & Stronger than standard plasterboards
  • Superior load bearing allows for 15kg weight per wood screw
  • Absorbs knocks & bumps, minimising wear & tear
  • Change fixtures without damaging the wall
  • Up to 5x core strenght means that you can hang & support almost anything

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