Suspended Ceilings

Product Information:

The advantage of suspended ceilings is in their ability to create an aesthetic interior finish while concealing and allowing access to all the services that make an interior space function practically including lighting and air-conditioning and if required optimising acoustics as well.

Pelican Systems has a selection of Exposed Grid systems to suit budget requirements, a variety of ceiling tile options depending on the ceiling specification, as well as the wall trims and fixings and accessories needed for a suspended ceiling installation.

Exposed Grid:

We have three ranges of exposed grid systems available:- econogrid is our premium grid – it is high spec and has a seperate clip which is fixed onto the grid as a second stage of the manufacturing process. This clip type has been very popular and is preferred by many contractors in the industry. econogrid is widely accepted in the market and has experienced significant growth since its introduction. With a 38mm stalk and a 24mm face econogrid is strong, clips well, and will not deflect. The Main Tee includes a fire safety feature and punch outs at 100 centres.

econolok is a locally produced alternative exposed grid system that is tried and tested and has a clip feature which is produced as part of the main profile and is incorporated into the production process. There are cost savings as this is an all in one process as opposed to producing the clip and then fixing it to the tee. The exposed face is a different colour white to the econogrid, so the two systems cannot be interchanged and all of the perimeter trims need to be from the same system.

Donn Exposed Grid is well known in the industry and is available to meet specification where required.

Ceiling Tiles:

Our range of ceiling tiles includes options for a variety of solutions: econotile is a gypsum ceiling tile. econocoust and econocoust plus are accoustic ceiling tiles with NRC ratings up to 0.9 and RH ratings up to 99%. econocal and econotherm are calcium silicate based tiles which are extremely popular in the Healthcare sector.

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